There's a huge financial literacy gap in our generation

Many of us embark on our financial journeys without the essential knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of money management. This gap can lead to financial stress, missed opportunities, and a lack of confidence in our financial decisions. 

My mission is to bridge the knowledge gap by offering accessible and tailored money coaching services.

money education without
the confusing jargon.

Create a money plan that works for *you*
and put those dollars to work

Let’s craft a money plan that’s as enjoyable as sipping your favorite brew on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our money planning sessions are all about making finances fun and exciting. We’ll dive into your unique financial goals, dreams, and even those guilty pleasures you want to budget for – no skipping lattes over here.

The Dainty Dollar
The Dainty Dollar

Hi, I'm Valery!

I’m a millennial Latina, wife, boy mama, serial entrepreneur, money expert, and a dreamer. Growing up, my family’s sole focus was survival, financial literacy was not a priority. Like a traditional first born daughter of an immigrant family, it was up to me to figure it out. 

I’ve made it my mission to bridge the financial literacy gap and provide financial education in an accessible yet personalized way through money coaching.

Work With Me

Money + Mindset Bootcamp

An intensive bootcamp that focuses on a holistic and intensive dives deep into your money mindset and money habits to build on a money plan that works for you, without the need to forfeit your latte.

Money Cleanse Session

A power-packed 90 minute money coaching session designed to dive deep into a burning money topic, review your money plan, create a debt payoff strategy, build a budget, + so much more

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Favorite Money Tools

monthly budget template

the Money Blueprint Budget Template

money mindset coach

Explore Your Mindset: 100 Journal Prompts

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Masterclass: Creating a Budget that Actually Works

Work With Me

money and business coaching

The Money and Mindset Coaching approach focuses on a holistic and intensive dive deep into your money mindset and habits. The curriculum will shape and help you establish new money habits. I’ll help you create a budget that actually works for you, with your goals in mind, so you can begin building the life you love. 

During our coaching time, you will develop the confidence needed to take control of your money. You’ll receive a unique coaching, I don’t follow a “one size fits all”. We start where you are and work towards your goals!

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