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Hi, I'm Valery!

I’m a millennial Latina, wife, boy mama, serial entrepreneur, money expert, and a dreamer. 

Growing up, my family’s sole focus was survival, financial literacy was not a priority. Like a traditional first born daughter of an immigrant family, it was up to me to figure it out. When started making “big girl money” I realized I knew nothing about money. “Money” in the sense of how to budget, invest, or even understanding how one day I could afford to buy a home.

My mission was to make sure people like me had the resources they needed to make educated decisions and live a life they love.

After spending years learning about taxes, investments, negotiating, and budgeting every single day for the last 10+ years, Dainty Dollar was born. A financial literacy platform that helps women and millennials fearlessly pursue their dreams without fear or being chained to a 9-5. 

Work With Me

money and business coaching

The Money and Mindset Coaching approach focuses on a holistic and intensive dive deep into your money mindset and habits. The curriculum will shape and help you establish new money habits. I’ll help you create a budget that actually works for you, with your goals in mind, so you can begin building the life you love. 

During our coaching time, you will develop the confidence needed to take control of your money. You’ll receive a unique coaching, I don’t follow a “one size fits all”. We start where you are and work towards your goals!

Budget Audits

Let’s review your money together! I will help you create a budget that actually works for you, discuss your goals, and create an actionable plan for you to begin your money makeover. This is perfect for someone who needs to review a specific part of their money. Ask me your burning question

Money Coaching

A Money Coaching plan allows for a detailed creation of a money plan, work on your money mindset, plan debt payoff, create a savings plan, and investing basics training. There will be a set number of sessions for maximum support, you’ll have me in your pocket!

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What's it like working with me?

All applications are FREE and no commitment required. Applications help determine if this program is a good fit for you. If it's not, I will offer you alternative options!

let's hear it from them

Valery, I cannot thank you enough for the valuable advice and lessons you taught me. These past six months have been tough but talking to you has given me so much optimism about my and my family's future.

Not only did you teach me about investing, side hustling, emergency funds, travel hacking, paying debt, real estate, but the importance of visualizing our goals, regardless of how far-fetched and scary they may be to us now.

Erika One-on-One Coaching

Valery helped me pay down my debt six months after graduating with my undergrad. She was patient, kind, and understanding. I never felt judged and she explained things in a way that was simple to understand.

She taught me about investing after I became debt free. I began investing in a ROTH Ira at the age of 21! I would recommend her in a HEARTBEAT!

Nicole One-on-One Coaching

Valery has helped us immensely. Both my mother and I were lost after the passing of my father...Valery has been our angel. She keeps us financially stable and safe economically. She has been clear and patient with us, also very detailed with our financial situation.

We would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be free of debt and get control of their money.

Cristina & Anabel One-on-One Coaching

I began using Dainty Dollars monthly budgeting tool over 5 years ago and continue to use it today because of how simple Valery has broken down monthly budgeting for me.

As a coach, Valery works with you to guide you and show you the necessary steps and tolls that you need in order to achieve your goals so you can then master them independently. She's also guided me on 401K and retirement funds when I was in between switching jobs!

Karla One-on-One Coaching

The tools I've used with Dainty Dollar have helped my financial situation tremendously! I began using the monthly budget tool which allowed me to manage my income and expenses realistically.

I'm looking forward to utilizing more tools and receiving the best financial coaching!

Hakeem Money Templates

She is supportive, knowledgeable.

I learned to create a budget. I learned to create a trackable way to account for where my money actually goes. I learned to be intentional with my spending. I learned how to avoid many small fees and interest charges. I learned how to decrease my time working to work on my side business.

I got valuable insights into my own entrepreneurial venture.

Jonny Withanachchi Money Coaching

Valery was very attentive during our calls and pays close attention to your details about your past and current financial journey.

She gave me a crash course on investing and it was GREAT, it made me less intimidated. Our coaching session made me take a step back and not only analyze my spending number, but understand the feelings I had attached to the purchases.

Alfa T. Money Coaching

    Money is 20% math
    and 80% behavior

    your money mindset is key

    The Money Blueprint

    online budgeting template

    track your money!

    The Money Blueprint is a google sheet template that was especially made by a budgeter that contains all the tools you will need to begin tracking your money and increasing your wealth!

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