Making a Budget that Actually Works

Many times people give up on their budget because they create this unrealistic plan that stems from deprivation and ignores other factors. It doesn’t paint an accurate picture of your goals and isn’t sustainable enough to help you stay on budget long term

In this masterclass I’ll show you the steps to create a sustainable budget that actually works for you without having to remove the things you love or skip out on the latte.

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Hi, I'm Valery...

I’m a millennial Latina, wife, boy mama, serial entrepreneur, money expert, and a dreamer. 

Growing up, my family’s sole focus was survival, financial literacy was not a priority. Like a traditional first born daughter of an immigrant family, it was up to me to figure it out. When started making “big girl money” I realized I knew nothing about money. “Money” in the sense of how to budget, invest, or even understanding how one day I could afford to buy a home.

My mission was to make sure people like me had the resources they needed to make educated decisions and live a life they love.

After spending years learning about taxes, investments, negotiating, and budgeting every single day for the last 10+ years, Dainty Dollar was born. A financial literacy platform that helps women and millennials fearlessly pursue their dreams without fear or being chained to a 9-5. 

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Dainty Dollar

Dainty Dollar LLC is a financial literacy and coaching platform for millennials and entrepreneurs growing their wealth and working towards financial freedom.