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100 Journal Prompts

Ever wanted to get your thoughts out but got stuck, stared at the blank page, and had no idea where to start? Explore Your Mindset eWorkbook comes packed with 100 journal prompts to aid in your writing by asking thought provoking questions from 10 of the topic categories!

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money mindset coach

100 journal prompts with 10 different topic categories

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Mindset eWorkbook

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Explore your Relationship with Money


Mindset Redirection + Manifestations



Self Love + Confidence Builder


Exploring Emotions + Memories to Reshape Mindset

Valery Vargas Money Coach


I’m a serial entrepreneur and a firm believer in becoming so financially free that you won’t ever rely on one income stream.

I believe every single one of us has the ability to create their own destiny and pave their way towards financial independence ! That independence gives us the flexibility and the confidence needed to fearlessly pursue our dreams without fear of lacking money or being chained to a 9-5.

I focused on creating a holistic approach that empowers individuals to embrace a mindful and healthy relationship with their money so they can live a life they love, with a budget they can afford!

Valery Pekic

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