the ultimate budget template

The Money Blueprint

The Money Blueprint is a google sheet template that was especially made by a budgeter that contains all the tools you will need to begin tracking your money and increasing your wealth!

monthly budget template



The ultimate budget template

This budget template will guide you on creating a budget that truly works for you. It has an embedded trigger tracker, bill organization, expense tracker, monthly and budget by paycheck, and SO much more. You can access this google sheet template from any of your devices for a seamless transition and ease of use!

so easy to use!

google sheets budget template

What's included?

net worth tracker

Net-Worth Tracker

Figure out what your net worth is within minutes!

budget course

Monthly Budget Template

See a monthly overview of your money and track your transactions!

template for payment

Template Paycheck

Want to budget by paycheck, no problem! There's a template for that too!

budget template

Budget Template

A completely automated budget with an embedded emotional trigger tracker

debt payoff planner

Expense Tracker

Track your expenses and they'll automatically summarize in the correct category

debt payoff planner

Debt Tracker

Start tracking your total debts, minimum payments, and track your progress!

bill organizer template

Bill Organization

Never miss a bill again by organizing it and checking off when things are paid!

emergency fund calculator

Emergency Fund Calculator

What's your survival number? This will let you calculate your # in less than 5 minutes!

sinking fund calculator

Sinking Fund Calculator

Setting up your sinking funds has never been easier. List out all your sinking funds, the goal amount and how much time you have to save for them!

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