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Ready for a money makeover?

I help individuals and couples pay off debt, organize their finances, and build wealth to have the confidence to fearlessly pursue their dreams!

Throughout our coaching time, you will develop the tools and confidence to take action and get control of your money. You are unique and so your coaching should be too. I don’t follow a template or a “one size fits all”. We start where you are and work towards your goals. 

Do you currently have control of your money or are you letting it control you?  


90 Minute Intensive

Investment starts at $225

A 90-Minute Intensive is an in-depth money review that addresses a very specific question. We’ll get down to the nitty gritty details and I’ll help you develop a plan for your specific goal. This is perfect for those who may already have a budget in place but want a review, debt payoff, savings plan, investing basics 101, or need some guidance of where to start.

You’ll receive:
– 90 Minute Zoom Call
– Outline of Plan

Money & Mindset Bootcamp

Investment starts at $627

The Money & Mindset Bootcamp is an intensive program that will give you the tools and support to make a substantial change in a short period of time. During these four weeks, we’ll dive into your money mindset, habits, develop a budget that actually works, and setup a realistic plan of action for your specific goal.

This is perfect for someone who already has a good grasp on their money but needs an accountability partner.

* payment plans available

The Money Cleanse

One on One Coaching

Investment Varies

The 3-Month | 6-Month | 12-Month
One on One coaching is perfect for those looking to make the most meaningful money transformations. We will dive deep into your money mindset, your goals, habits, emotional triggers, develop a comprehensive budget, set a realistic action plan for your debt and savings, explore your wealth building options, all while having an accountability partner through it all!

You’ll receive:
– Biweekly Zoom Calls
– Unlimited access to ask me all your money questions, struggles, or wins!
– You’ll receive a comprehensive Money Summary custom made for you
– A Realistic Debt & Savings action Plan
– Net worth and Emergency Fund Calculator
– Investing 101 Training
– Credit Score Training
BONUS: Feedback or action plan for specific goals like purchasing first home or starting a business.

* payment plans available

Business Coaching

Investment VARIES

Are you ready to make your dream business a reality? I can help. We’ll cover branding, everyday operations, online presence, solidify your services, and I’ll be there the entire time to guide you through every process! 


Read more kind words from clients

  • Dainty Dollar has helped me manage my debt to the point of becoming debt free. With Valery’s help, I successfully paid off my student loans and my car within 6 months after graduating. Dainty Dollar educated me on the importance of a retirement fund, the different types, and how to contribute. I now have a growing Roth IRA from the age 21!

    – Nicol
  • Valery, I cannot thank you enough for the valuable advice and lessons you taught me. These past six months have been tough but talking to you has given me so much optimism about my and my family’s future. Not only did you teach me about investing, side hustling, emergency funds, travel hacking, paying debt, real estate, but the importance of visualizing our goals, regardless of how far-fetched and scary they may be to us now.

    Most Importantly, I learned the importance of leadership and the manners our psychology may affect that. The importance of creating supportive inner circles, developing the confidence and responsbility to confront our inferior thoughts, to be sympathetic, unapologetic, never complacent y a luchar!

    – Erika
  • Valery has helped us immensely. Both my mother and I were lost after the passing of my father… She’s been our angel. She helps us stay financially stable and safe economically. She has been clear and patient with us, also very detailed with our financial situation. We would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be free of debt and get control of their money.

    – Cristina & Anabel
  • I began using Dainty Dollars monthly budgeting tool over 5 years ago and continue to use it today because of how simple Valery has broken down monthly budgeting for me. As a coach, Valery works with you to guide you and show you the necessary steps and tolls that you need in order to achieve your goals so you can then master them independently. She’s also guided me on 401K and retirement funds when I was in between switching jobs!

    – Karla
  • The tools I’ve used with Dainty Dollar have helped my financial situation tremendously! I began using the monthly budget tool which allowed me to manage my income and expenses realistically. I’m looking forward to utilizing more tools and receiving the best financial coaching!

    – Hakeem
  • I could not have gotten here without you, Your comment “month after month, adjust your budget so it starts aligning with your goal and not impulse spend” that’s where I’m at, thanks to you. When we talked and you said your goal has to make you cry I was blown away by how dedicated you are and how much you want to help other. I’m slowly getting to what’s the goal that makes me cry. You are truly inspiring! So glad I turned to you when I was ready to start my budgeting journey, Thank you for always being so encouraging and telling me “yes, you can own a home and yes you can be debt free”

    – Ali Higuera


At Dainty Dollar LLC, we believe every individual has the ability to create their destiny and pave their path to financial freedom. We use a holistic approach that empowers individuals to embrace a mindful and healthy relationship with their money. Financial freedom provides flexibility and the confidence to fearlessly pursue ones dreams!


trust, humility, mindfulness, compassion, creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, balance 

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